The Philosophy of Cars

Two Wheels are Better than Four

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I'm generally quite boring and ordinary, but I occasionally expose a quirky side that can take any number of directions.

I'm a committed husband and father, I believe that the world would be a better place if we all spent more time in contemplation (whether you call it prayer, meditation, musing, whatever...)and that we all owe a duty of care and concern to our fellow humans, even when they don't give it back to us.

I am a citizen of the United States, and have been since birth, yet I am (allegedly) ineligble to run for the presidency because of my birthplace. I have lived most of my life near the eastern coast of the united states, primarily in and around the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I live now with my wife and four children (and our dog and bird).

I am generally libertarian in my political thinking, but I differ from their adopted platform in a few particulars, so I generally label myself independent. I hardly see a difference between the democrats and the republicans, notwithstanding all the posturing that they do. I would love to see the two party stranglehold broken, but I know it isn't likely anytime soon.

I participate actively in my church, and in particular I participate in high school youth ministry activities.

I enjoy taking pictures and share them when I can, but don't expect much art. I am more an observer of life.

I love cars and motorcycles and motorized conveyances of all sorts. I drive boring family cars, but I like to dream of the day when...

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