Chris (cptjohnc) wrote,

A great day to be an American :-)

If you aren't watching the World Cup, you should be!

Totally unrelated: What is your favorite TV Show theme music/ song of all time? I know, this seems really random, but I was having a discussion about the awesomeness of Doctor Who and the subject of theme songs came up, with me taking the part of the Doctor's iconic theme music, and my dear friend supporting the music of Startgate SG-1

Note: this was not a discussion of the merits of the two shows (though I am sure that will come) but just of the themes. I think I 'won' the debate on points, though she made some good arguments on behalf of SG-1's theme, which I have to admit is better than I thought on first listen. But I'll still defend the Doctor Who theme, which I think is among the all time greats. If nothing else, it gets bonus points for originality, longevity and being cutting edge (in 1963) in its use of electronic music.

So let's hear it: what are some of your faves? I'm gazing at various people's lists, and agreeing with some, questioning others... but it is amazing how many great songs are from TV, when it comes right down to it.

We can attack movie music later ;-)
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