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End Times

My oldest daughter is graduating from HS this week. Saturday. Two days from today. about 48 hours from now. How fast it all goes! Last night, the school took us all out to dinner at a pretty nice venue called Top of the town. The view of Washington DC was pretty awesome; I wish I had brought a real camera, but you'll have to put up with cell phone pictures.

The event was really nice. The food was typical so-so catering food, and the staff was fine but not outstanding. But the presentations were spectacular. The girls gave short speeches thanking the faculty and staff members (or "Staculty") for all they had done through the years. I was very impressed that the girls picked up on many of the same things I had noted over the past five years. Each presentation got to the heart of what was special about each teacher (as far as I could tell, that is).

Next a few of the girls sang, one piece from wicked, and the other a Rascal Flats song, My Wish. I can't get to my videos from last night until later, but for now, this is the same 5 seniors doing My Wish last week:

After the songs, there was a slide show of pictures of each of the seniors through their childhood and school years. All in all, a very touching, warm and fuzzy evening.

This picture is really bad, but it is the senior class together at the end of the evening

On an un-related, but equally important note: Max got his braces yesterday.

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