Chris (cptjohnc) wrote,

Wireless Companies; Part II

So, the plot thickens.

Thanks to a really nice freecycler, I have a new (used) verizon phone which has a QWERTY keyboard but does not require a data plan.

Further, the anticipated changeover to Virgin Mobile still hasn't happened. I've been carrying two phones for the past 3 days, in anticipation of the switch, but all indications are that the Port to Virgin Mobile will not happen.

This means I can stick with Verizon (yes, I'm still mad; yes, I still plan to switch, but... ) until a couple of our other phones are no longer under contract (sometime around October) or until they're all out of contract (about a year) and make a big switch then. But after looking at the VM plans, I'm really thinking I'd like the functionality that the VM plan w/ data would give me... and I think the LG Rumor2 is 'cooler' than the LG ENV VX9900 though I have to admit, the ENV is growing on me.

I think I'll give Virgin Mobile 2 more days, then I'll stop carrying the phone. In another week, I can return the phone to the store :-)
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